Maps of Comoros

The archipelago of the Comoros is composed of four main islands situated in the Indian Ocean, between Madagascar and the East African coast. These volcanic islands are: Ngazidja (formerly Grande Comore), Nzwani (formerly Anjouan), Mali (formerly Moheli) and Mahore (Mayotte) all of these are surrounded by a magnificent coral reef and turquoise clear waters under which a rich marine life flourishes.

The capital of the archipelago is Moroni on the island of Ngazidja and throughout the islands the official languages are French, Arabic and Comorian. All three islands are now independent from France, although Mayotte is still linked with France.

The Comoros Islands are re-knowned for their natural perfumes and essences, most of which derive from flower such as orange, jasmine and ylang-ylang. Spices are also a main produce of the islands, these include basil, vanilla, pepper, cloves and nutmeg.

Mount Mount Karthala is an active volcano on the island of Ngazidja, where trekkers can climb and enjoy the magnificent views from above. All of the islands are of volcanic origin and offer spectacular sites for land exploration and pristine coral reefs for those who enjoy scuba-diving.

The climate in the Comoros is tropical therefore temperatures are warm and humid. There may be occasional cyclones from January to April, the rainy season going from November to April.

The people from Comoros are called Comorians.

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Maps of Comoros

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