Maps of Maldives

The Republic of Maldives is a country in Asia that has a small population and its land area is also small. This nation is known in the world as a popular tourist destination and while its tourist industry had suffered in the past few years, it is now bouncing back and attracting tourists from all over the world again. Whether people are planning a honeymoon or holiday with friends or family members, many of them would consider going to Maldives because it has spectacular beaches and its waters are blue and warm.

There was a time when the economy of Maldives depended on marine products and fishing. While fishing is still the chief occupation of the population of Maldives, tourism is also playing a vital role in bringing in revenue for the country. The tourism industry is booming and this has resulted in the opening of new resorts every few months.

Manufacturing and agriculture does not play a very active role in the economy because of the shortage of labor and also because of restricted land availability. The industry in Maldives includes handicrafts, boat building, gourmet production, etc. Some of the new industries that have recently developed in the country are garment production, marine engine repairs, mat weaving, printing, etc.

Maps of Maldives cities

Maps of Maldives. Detailed collection of maps of Maldives. Other maps of Maldives.

Maps of Maldives

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