Maps of Mongolia

Mongolia, a landlocked nation, is situated in the Central and East Asia. On its south, east and west, it has the People's Republic of China and on its north there is Russia. The largest city in the country is also its capital city and it is Ulan Bator. About 38% of the entire population of Mongolia lives in this city. Named as the 19th largest country on earth, Mongolia is comparatively larger than Peru, which is the next largest country after Mongolia. The climate in the country is extreme continental with short summers and long, cold winter.

Mining and agriculture are the two main industries in the country. The nation is rich in mineral resources such as tungsten, coal, gold, copper, tin and molybdenum. At present, there are about thirty thousand independent businesses in Mongolia and most of them are generally located in the capital city. Its stock exchange, The Mongolian Stock Exchange, was established in the year 1991 and it is considered to be the smallest stock exchange as compared to other stock exchanges (by market capitalization). While it has several domestic airports, Mongolia only has one international airport and that is the Chinggis Khaan International Airport, which is situated near Ulan Bator.

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Maps of Mongolia. Detailed collection of maps of Mongolia. Other maps of Mongolia.

Maps of Mongolia

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