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The Vatican City is a small nation that many people have heard of. There are about nine hundred people living in this small state and its area is about 110 acres. Vatican City is considered to be the smallest country in the World, in terms of both its size and its population.

This city-state was established in the year 1929 and its ordinances are published in the Italian language. This small nation is located on the Vatican Hill, which is a part of Rome.

The Vatican City’s climate is similar to that of Rome because this small city-state is situated in Rome. This is the first country in the world that has decided to be carbon neutral state. The State is now planning to achieve this by creating a Vatican Climate Forest.

Most of the people living in Vatican City are either carrying out the diplomatic service of the Holy See or they are living inside the walls of Vatican.

The places of worship inside this country are Roman Catholic churches and the people living in the country also follow Roman Catholicism.

There is no official language in this city-state but most of the population makes use of the Italian language to converse with each other.

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Maps of Vatican. Detailed collection of maps of Vatican city. Other maps of Vatican.

Maps of Vatican

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