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India is a mystical land of age-old religious traditions; this vast country of South Asia shares its borders with Pakistan, China, Nepal, Bangladesh, Myanmar and Bhutan. It is also surrounded by the Arabian Sea, the Indian Ocean and looks over the Bay of Bengal.

Sri Lanka is on the southern tip and the Maldives are off the southwest coast of India. Goa and Kerala are also other beautiful islands offering wide beaches of fine golden sand lined with palm trees.

Inland, the Himalayan mountain range in the north, the Ganges River and the Indus River are magnificent examples of Nature’s beauty, they also form a natural barrier between India and the bordering countries.

Most of the population speaks Hindi as well as English; several other regional languages are also spoken throughout the country. New Delhi is the capital with its winding streets, bazaars and modern buildings, offering a blend of the past and the future.

India counts an infinite number of majestic palaces, temples and monuments, the famous Golden Triangle is one of the favorite routes, this comprises Delhi, Agra with its famous Taj Mahal and Jaipur known as the Pink City. The holy city of Varanasi and the mystic temples of Tamil Nadu are also favorite sites, while Bombay and Calcutta offer a charming colorful and at times hectic side of India.

The Himalayas boast pristine mountains, beautiful pine forests; streams and peaceful landscapes, where trekkers and nature lovers love to explore the heights.

The climate is generally hot all over India, though it varies depending on the regions. The coolest weather is from December to February, while the Monsoons are from June to October.

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Maps of India

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