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Nepal is the youngest republic in the world and it is a landlocked nation that is located in the Southeast Asia. The country is surrounded by India on its east, west and south, and by China on its north. Nepal is a nation that is rich in culture, geography and religions.

Nepal is home to eight of the ten largest mountains in the world and this includes the world famous, Mount Everest. In the year 2005, the gross domestic product of the country was more than US$39 billion, making it the 83rd largest economy on earth.

It was reported that about 40% of Nepal’s economy depends on agriculture and this sector employs about 3/4th of the working population in the country.

Nepal is a country that attracts people from all over the world to it, particularly from the west. The diverse and impressive scenery of Nepal is something that attracts the tourists to the country.

However, the growth of the tourism industry in this nation has been obstructed by the political events that took place in the recent times.

Most of the people living in Nepal are the followers of Hinduism. The population of this country believes Shiva to be the guardian deity of Nepal.

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Maps of Nepal. Detailed collection of maps of Nepal. Other maps of Nepal.

Maps of Nepal

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