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Kuwait is located in the Middle East and borders with Iraq and Saudi Arabia. It looks out onto the Persian Gulf where nine other islands belonging to Kuwait lie. The capital is Kuwait City and the official language is Arabic, although English is widespread.

The country’s landscape is mostly composed of a desert plateau with a lower, more fertile coastal area. The Faikakai Island is a Bronze Age and Greek archeological site and can be reached by ferry. Here in Al Jahrah traditional style boats are still built for pearl fishing or trade.

Kuwait City is a bustling metropolis of high-rise office buildings, luxury hotels, wide boulevards and well-tended parks and gardens. Its most dominant landmark is Kuwait Towers, and the oldest is Seif Palace, built in 1896, the interior of which features original Islamic mosaic tile work.

There are many sea clubs in Kuwait that offer a wide range of facilities, with swimming pools, beaches, gyms and other outdoor activities such as scuba diving and boating, horseback riding is also very popular in winter.

Kuwait climate has four main seasons with hot and dry summers from April to October and cool winters with little rain.

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Maps of Kuwait

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