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Slovenia is also referred to as the Republic of Slovenia. It is located in the central Europe and on its west border, Slovenia has Italy, on its east and south it has Croatia, on its north it has Austria, on its northeast it has Hungary and it has the Adriatic Sea on its Southwest.

Ljubljana is the capital of this nation. The tourism industry is very important to the economy of Slovenia. The country has different kinds of landscapes like Dinaric, Mediterranean, Alpine and Pannonian.

Slovenia is a nation that is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and it also touches the Alps. Majority of the terrain in this country is mountainous.

About 90% of the surface region is at least two hundred meters above the sea level. Most of the populations in Slovenia are Slovene (about 4/5th of the people).

There are also other ethnic groups of Montenegrin, Macedonian, Serbian, Bosnian and Croatian origins. These groups formed about 5% of the population of the country. There are also people of Italian, Hungarian, Roma and Albanian origins.

Slovene is the official language of the country but Italian and Hungarian are also spoken here. Roman Catholicism is the main religion of the country as more than half of the populations of Slovenia are Roman Catholics.

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Maps of Slovenia

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