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Situated in Southeastern Europe Albania offers pristine beaches, fascinating cultural sites as well as dramatic mountain citadels, which have now become extremely rare to find in Europe. Although Albania and its people have suffered greatly from the past wars and hardship, this country remains unique and its people friendly and open-minded.

Albania offers something for everyone from its Tomorri massif and Albanian Alps for those who love hiking to ancient tracks that network the country for those on bicycles. Travelers who are interested in history and archeology will find outstanding examples of the past in the sites of Butrint and Byllis, as well as in the Ottoman and ancient castles and fortresses or medieval churches that enclose beautiful frescos and precious icons.

Tirana, the capital is rapidly coming to terms with its past Stalinist injuries and this bustling and bright city now offers most of the attractions such as music entertainment and amenities similar to other European cities. There are many hotels and restaurants to choose from in the capital; here you may savor delicious seafood, mountain lamb served with organic vegetables and fruit while sipping excellent Albanian wine.

Albania has a typical Mediterranean climate with cool, wet winters to hot and dry summers. During the winter months snow settles on the Albanian Alps and the mountain villages can get very cold.

The people from Albania are called Albanians.

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Maps of Albania. Detailed collection of maps of Albania. Other maps of Albania.

Maps of Albania

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