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Latvia is located on the Baltic Sea in Northern Europe with its borders touching Belarus, Lithuania and the Russian Federation. Although it is a small country, Batavia offers diverse and beautiful landscapes, two particularly splendid sights are the Gulf of Riga and the Baltic Sea.

The capital, Riga is the biggest of the Baltic capitals, and is a UNESCO World Heritage site boasting the most outstanding collection of Jungendstil (Germanic Art Nouveau) buildings in Europe.

The landscape once out of Riga is scattered with picturesque villages, medieval towns, country castles, ruined fortresses, grand palaces, museums and folk parks. The coastland along the Baltic Sea offers endless sandy beaches, while the hinterland is an expanse of forest, lakes, rippling rivers mostly protected nature parks.

Other picturesque towns to visit are Cesis, Liepaja and Kuldiga. Cesis is one of Latavia’s oldest towns with wooden buildings and cobble stone streets, churches and magnificent castles, while Liepaja also boasts attractive architecture with a seaside park and the famous KGB museum. Kuldiga boasts Europe’s widest waterfall and the impressive torrent deriving from the Venta River, it is also a striking historic site.

Latvia has a milder climate to the west near the sea and temperatures are warm in summer from June to September. Winters are long and cold with temperatures remaining below zero from December to March. There is rain throughout the year and snow in winter.

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Maps of Latvia

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